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How then should I live?

Now that I’ve gotten a massage?

I sometimes get asked what you should do to keep yourself feeling relaxed and loose in between massages. And the answer is …

Move. We all know this, but regular movement is the single best thing you can do for yourself. You can try taking all of your joints through the edges of their range everyday.  Focus more on everyday types of movement, cleaning, cooking, dancing around the house, getting on the floor to play with the dog. While athletic type activity is good for you, studies have shown it’s more important to decrease sedentary behavior. Move, stretch, get your whole body involved. 

Another thing you can do, particularly for areas that trouble you, is work on noticing and releasing tension. Often after we’ve injured ourselves, we continue to hold ourselves in positions of excess (I’ve heard it called parasitic) tension, to try and protect the area from additional harm. After our tissues have healed, we no longer need protection, but we often continue to hold excess tension in the area. Practice letting go. Imagine the area is an ice cream cone melting in the hot sun. 

Try letting go during massage too! Let go of your holding patterns, let your muscles rest, you don’t need to assist during a massage (unless you are verbally asked).

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