340 E. Riverside Blvd. Loves Park, IL 61111 815. 200. 1017 nela.lmt@gmail.com By Appointment Only. Fridays 10 am - 7:30 pm; Sundays 5:30 - 7:30



You need to feel better, you’re stressed, parts of your body are in pain. Come in for a slow deep relaxing massage.

I work slowly. It gives your body time to process and respond to all the input it is receiving. Often people are greatly relaxed at the end of a session. Let me know if you need to feel more energized and we can include some tapotement and faster strokes before you go off and engage with the remainder of your day.

Every massage is adjusted to your needs. You can have a light touch Deep Tissue Relaxation massage or a heavy pressure Ultimate Relaxation Massage. Choose a scented or scent free massage lotion. Do you like to include stretches in your massage? Cold towel instead of hot? Let me know.


Deep Tissue Relaxation

This massage will work your muscles from origin to insertion. It can be intense and rewarding as your body releases deeply held muscle tension. May include the use of heat, through stones and heat packs. Uses both Swedish and deep tissue strokes as well as other modalities. If you have pain or specific muscle tension you want worked on within the context of a relaxing massage, this massage is for you. This massage is also appropriate if you are just looking for relaxation or stress relief, it’s just a little more of an intense experience than the Ultimate Relaxation Massage. Great for athletes and anyone interested in the function of their body. May include orthopedic massage for specific issues.


Ultimate Relaxation

Head to toe relaxation massage. We begin with hot towels to your feet, and include the use of heat through stones and heat packs on your limbs and back. This massage uses more long flowing strokes than the Deep Tissue Relaxation Massage. Includes a heated eye pillow &/or neck roll while face up.


Spot Work

Need work, but not interested in a relaxation massage? Come dressed in comfortable, stretchy clothing. We will use little to no lotion or oil, and work through your clothing, and on skin where appropriate. This massage is appropriate for pain, tension or range of motion issues.




I’m located inside of Tranquility Massage Therapy in Loves Park near the intersection of N 2nd Street and E Riverside Blvd, 2 miles from the Anderson Japanese Gardens. Well situated for residents of Loves Park, Rockford, and Machesney Park

We have free parking in a lot. The parking lot is wheelchair accessible. While we are on the ground floor, there is a small step up to the sidewalk/entrance to the building. Carambola Gelato and Coffee Shop is right across the street.